Thursday, August 2, 2012

It's the Best Time of the Year!

I know what you're thinking.  "No, silly woman, (your favorite holiday) is the best time of the year."

Okay, okay, I can agree with that.  Christmas is pretty high up on the list, too.  But I absolutely love this time of year because the new Autumn/Winter Idea Book comes out!  It's released at the annual CTMH Convention, which I vow I will make it to someday (ahem, after I hit the lottery and can afford plane tickets out of Alaska), and is always chock full of really cool new stuff.  AND, it contains the holiday papers, stamps and kits each year!  See the tie-in there?  CHRISTMAS STUFF!!  Yay!

I'll be using this space to fill you in on a few of my favorite new additions in the coming days and weeks.

Let's kick it off with a huge announcement that set my heart aflutter when I heard it.  I'm sure you know by now that last year, the Cricut people released a CTMH-exclusive cartridge for their cutting machines called Art Philosophy?!

I am being completely truthful when I say that since I got my CTMH Art Philosophy Cricut Cartridge, my machine has never seen any other one.  It's probably firmly set in the cartridge port now, maybe even melted in a little since we've had a few hot days this summer.

But, all of that is about to change, because guess what?!

Yep!  The wizards at CTMH and Cricut have developed ANOTHER exclusive cartridge!  The CTMH Artiste Collection has over 700 shapes just as the Art Philosophy cartridge did, however this one has some extra emphasis on three dimensional objects like gift boxes and other novelties that you will find tons of creative uses for!  And also like Art Philosophy, Artiste comes with dimensional elements to get you started as well as THREE D-size stamp sets!  Those alone are worth over half the cartridge price.

Whew!  So exciting!  (Yes, I'm a giant nerd, I'm aware of this.)

To celebrate the release of our second Cricut cartridge, I'm feeling an itch.  I think we need another $99 giveaway so that you can have your very own Artiste cartridge (or an equivalent amount of product of your choice).  Who's with me?!  Stay tuned for details in my next post...


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