Monday, December 3, 2012

Don Your Santa Hat!

It's time for my very favorite kind of crafting... CHRISTMAS CRAFTING!!

I've been spending a lot of time, post-baby-bedtime, in my craft room lately.  My new Cricut Expression 2 (which I got for less than $50, yessss!) is all set up and although there was a learning curve with it compared to my old machine, it has been fantastic.  I'm SO glad I finally made the switch.  I mainly did it because I wanted to be able to cut up to 12", whereas my old machine would only go to 6".  The other benefits have been awesome.

I used my new Cricut to make these little ornaments.  They obviously aren't finished yet - but I can't very well share pictures of the finished product with you without spoiling a surprise or two!  So this'll have to get you through.

Want to re-create these?  Here's what you need.

And that's IT!  It's easy and so much fun.


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