Sunday, November 2, 2014

Liquidation - Phase 2

My first wave of liquidation was a great success (though I hesitate to call it that, since I hate that I'm doing it at all).  If you emailed me previously and didn't hear back, please try again!  Here is a revised list of what I still have available.  I will be adding to this soon with more paper packs, my CTMH Cricut cartridges, and anything else I find in the interim.

If you are interested in anything here, please email me!

A-size stamps $3
A1098 Adoption (two used, all others new)
A1104 A Tweet (NEW)
A1108 A Sip (NEW)
A1113 A Game (NEW)
A1119 A Garden (NEW)
A1124 A Tree (NEW)
A1126 A Bowwow (NEW)
A1127 A Journey (NEW)
A1138 Card Chatter - Focus on a Friend (NEW)
A1139 Congrats Graduate (one used, all others new)

B-size stamps $5
B1359 Fright Night (NEW)
B1361 Tannenbaum (one used, all others new)
B1362 Tag the Occasion (NEW)
B1369 Rosy Regards (four used, others new)
B1395 So Grateful (NEW)
B1398 Just for You (most used, $4 for this one)
B1405 Rugged Dude (NEW)
B1421 Scrapbook Statements - Women (NEW)
B1422 Easter Wishes (several used, $4 for this one)

C-size stamps $7
C1379 Holiday Commentary (two used, others new)
C1381 Card Chatter - Thank You (two used, others new)
C1394 Candlelight (three used, others new)
C1403 In the Month of February (one used, others new)
C1411 Birthday Boy (NEW)
C1417 In the Month of July (NEW)
C1424 Nature's Gift (NEW)
C1432 In the Month of November (one used, others new)
C1440 Take a Picture (NEW)
C1459 Stitched Together (several used, $5 for this one)
C1469 December 25th (NEW)
C1474 10 Things (NEW)
C1483 Born to Ride (two used, others new)
C1485 Super Powers (three used, others new)
C1500 Under the Sea (four used, $5 for this one)
C1510 Merry and Bright (four used, $5 for this one)
C1520 Christmas Joy (NEW)
C1521 Approved (NEW)
C1524 Words of Comfort (NEW)
C1528 Advent Calendar Workshop (used)
C1539 Scrapbook Statements - Poets (NEW)
C1542 Perfect Fit - Dad (two used, others new)
C1543 Perfect Fit - Mom (NEW)
CC1020 It's Your Day (NEW)

D-size stamps $9 
D1212 Playful Flourishes (two or three used, others new)
D1232 Nature's Vein (four used, $7 for this one)
D1243 Peace on Earth (three used, others new)
D1266 Baby Steps (NEW, but mild yellowing)
D1308 All Decked Out (three used, others new)
D1336 Cupcake Sprinkles (three used, others new)
D1377 Around the Block (NEW)
D1387 Made with Love (one used, others new)
D1388 Card Chatter - Christmas (two used, others new)
D1408 A Little Everything (three used, others new)
D1426 Over the Rainbow (four used, others new)
D1444 A Little Thanks (two used, others new)
D1457 Jubilation (one used, others new)
D1458 American Celebration (NEW)
D1460 Love Ya! (three used, others new)
D1462 Splendid Day (NEW)
D1464 Card Chatter - Love (two used, others new)
D1471 Cruisin' (NEW)
D1475 Card Chatter - Birthday (four used, others new)
D1476 Card Chatter - Sympathy (two used, others new)
D1483 Glory to God (NEW)
D1502 Look Who's... (NEW)
D1505 Roar! (NEW)
D1506 Family Love (one used, others new)
D1520 Ornamental Cheer (two used, others new)
D1525 Casual Expressions (NEW)
D1534 Patterned Pennants (NEW)
D1541 Fast and Furious (NEW)
D1576 Home of the Brave (NEW)

E-size stamps $12
E1015 Cocktail Alphabet (four or five used, others new)
E1020 Token Alphabet (NEW)
E1021 Trinity Alphabet (five or six used, others new)

S-size stamps $4
S1201 Little Reminder (NEW)
S1202 Thoughtful Tidings (two used, others new)
S1205 Friendship Bouquet (NEW - two copies!)
S1207 Live Out Loud (one used, others new)
S1210 Very Merry Christmas (one copy NEW, one copy has one used stamp)
S1211 Capture the Date (NEW)
S1301 Happy Valentine's (NEW)
S1302 Home Sweet Home (NEW)
S1307 Sweet Life (NEW)

Carry Case With All But Two MyAcrylix Blocks: $25 (sold all together only please)


Assorted 12x12 cardstock, only CTMH colors, approximately 100-150 sheets: $25 (sold all together only please, shipping will be about $25 since paper can't go in a flat rate box)

Glitter paper - 1 each black/gray and brown/tan: $3 each

Babycakes Scrapbooking Workshop (NEW): $18

Chantilly Cardmaking Workshop (NEW): $18

Later Sk8r Scrapbooking Workshop (NEW): $18

Babycakes paper pack (NEW): $6